Reading numeric data with same rounding as displayed in Excel.

Mar 24, 2014 at 6:50 PM
My users typically have data containing more than 2 decimal points, that is formatted in Excel to show just two decimal places. Ideally, when I import this data, I would get the values as displayed in Excel, rather than the actual value in the cell. So for instance, cell contains 1.019, but is formatted for 2 decimals, so 1.02 is displayed in the worksheet. When I import the data, I get the actual underlying value of 1.019 rather than 1.02. I was planning to use SqlBulkCopy to load this data into a SQL database table, which doesn't give me the option of doing any rounding prior to inserting into the database, so my table with a column type of decimal(10,2) ends up with a value of 1.01, i.e. truncates beyond 2 decimal places, rather than rounding and inserting 1.02 into the table.

Is there any support within the Excel Data Reader to use the same rounding that is achieved via the numeric format applied in the Excel worksheet?